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Okay Vine and Ahh Voila have teamed up to redefine the wine experience, championing the 'okay' in every bottle. Our mission? To peel away the layers of pretense in wine culture, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Together, we're inviting people to relax and revel in the simple pleasure of a casual glass of wine. It's about celebrating the good times, one 'okay' bottle at a time, and getting to know the laid-back side of wine with every sip.

Okay Vine

Ahh Voila shaped Okay Vine's brand positioning and visual identity, crafting a relaxed and inviting wine experience for casual connoisseurs.

What we did

Brand Positioning

Visual Identity

Verbal Identity

Art Direction


Our Role

Collaborating with Okay Vine, we uncovered the brand's essence to craft a strategic narrative that's as refreshing as their wine. The logo, featuring hand-drawn lettering and a playful 'okay' sign doodle, embodies the brand's fun, unpretentious spirit. Okay Vine's tone of voice is like your easy-going friend who loves a good glass of wine — approachable, humorous, and always inviting. Together, we've positioned Okay Vine as the go-to for anyone looking to enjoy wine without the fuss."

Brand Positioning

Relaxed Revolution

Okay Vine's visual identity is a toast to the casual and the carefree. Our photography direction captures the brand's spontaneous spirit, while the web design reflects simplicity and ease, mirroring the straightforward pleasure of enjoying an 'okay' wine. Packaging is impactful yet unfussy, aligning with the brand's ethos of keeping things relaxed. Through distinctive ads and a tailored social media strategy, we've ensured Okay Vine's voice is heard loud and clear, inviting everyone to join in the laid-back wine revolution.

Visual Identity

Effortlessly Approachable

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