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NetKarma is serving up a revolution in the tennis world, advocating for sustainability while elevating players' performance. It's more than a game; it's a movement. With Ahh Voila's partnership, NetKarma is redefining tennis with a vibrant, eco-conscious brand design that's as bold and audacious as the players it represents. Together, we're not just hitting back; we're changing the game entirely.


We positioned NetKarma with a distinct voice in sustainability, designed impactful advertising, and laid out a strategic social media roadmap to change the game in tennis.

What we did

Brand Positioning

Visual Identity

Verbal Identity

Art Direction

AD Campaign

Our Role

Working closely with NetKarma, we uncovered the brand's essence and crafted a strategic narrative that's as dynamic as the game itself. The logo we designed reflects NetKarma's vibrant spirit, blending classic tennis imagery with a bold twist that captures their mission to shake up the sport. NetKarma's tone of voice is daring and witty, challenging players to not only improve their game but also join the fight for sustainability.

Brand Positioning

NetKarma's Game Plan

NetKarma's visual identity is a bold statement on and off the court. Our photography direction captures the energy and vibrancy of the brand, while our eco-friendly packaging design breaks the mold, aligning with NetKarma's commitment to sustainability. From distinctive ad campaigns to a lively social media strategy, every element is crafted to make NetKarma stand out as a champion of change in the tennis world.

Visual Identity

NetKarma's Court

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