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With a commitment to uncomplicated beauty, Clear aims to demystify skincare by simplifying everyday routines. Partnering closely, Ahh Voila developed Clear Skincare's brand positioning and visual identity, embedding simplicity and effectiveness at every level. This collaboration has resulted in a brand universe that stands out for its clarity and purpose, with every touchpoint reflecting Clear's pure and straightforward approach.

Clear Skincare

Ahh Voila delivered a full spectrum of services from creative direction, brand strategy, and identity, to packaging, web development, and ongoing support for product rollouts.

What we did

Brand Positioning

Visual Identity

Verbal Identity

Art Direction

Web Design

Our Role

In partnership, we honed in on Clear's essence, shaping a brand positioning that communicates its unique identity and story clearly and compellingly. Clear's tone of voice is like a trusted dermatologist: straightforward, jargon-free, and empowering, simplifying skincare routines for everyone.

Our logo design breaks from the typical, blending simplicity with a modern edge to challenge and redefine skincare norms. This distinctive image firmly establishes Clear's place in the market, mirroring its dedication to clear, effective skincare solutions.

Brand Positioning

Defining Clear

In every aspect of visual identity, from web design to packaging, we ensure Clear's guiding principles shine through. Our website design is not just visually appealing; it's a mobile-first, user-friendly experience that embodies Clear's brand personality. We aimed for seamless navigation and a bespoke aesthetic that mirrors the quality of Clear's products. For packaging, we embraced the simplicity of Clear's skincare ethos, creating timeless designs with a strong visual impact. Our advertising campaigns break the mold, capturing attention and establishing a distinctive media presence. And with a tailored social media roadmap, we set Clear on a path to flourish, engaging audiences with their unique identity and story.

Visual Identity

Shaping Clear from web to world

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Clear Skincare

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