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In a collaborative effort with Motherly, we launched an innovative app designed to unite caregivers from all backgrounds. Motherly stands as a community-centric platform where parents can connect over shared interests and experiences, fostering genuine relationships. This app is a testament to Motherly's commitment to empowering caregivers on their unique parenting journeys, emphasizing that motherhood is a role, not a gender. Our branding efforts have helped establish Motherly as a supportive, inclusive community where every parent, regardless of background, can find friendship, support, and a sense of belonging


Ahh Voila crafted Motherly's journey from the ground up, blending creative direction, brand strategy, and identity design with a special focus on app development to connect caregivers in a meaningful way.

What we did

Brand Positioning

Visual Identity

Verbal Identity

Art Direction

App Design

Landing Page Design

Our Role

Partnering with Motherly, we delved into the brand's core to craft a strategic narrative that speaks to every caregiver's heart. The Motherly logo, with its soft curves and soothing lavender hue, symbolizes nurturing and strength, reflecting the brand's inclusive and compassionate ethos. Motherly's empathetic and community-driven tone of voice resonates across all platforms, inviting caregivers into a warm, supportive space.

Brand Positioning

Motherly Essence

Motherly's visual identity is a celebration of diverse family life, featuring warm, inclusive photography that welcomes all. From the app's design connecting parents locally to impactful campaigns and physical merchandise like billboards and guidebooks, every element is infused with Motherly's guiding principles, shining a light on the brand's commitment to creating a supportive network for every caregiver.

Visual Identity

Creating a Warm, Inclusive Visual Narrative

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