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Dream designs, manifesting our project wishlist!

By Amberlee Tryon, Founder & Creative Director at Voila

Okay, we'll be the first to admit it.. we tend to lean a bit on the woo-woo, spiritual, side of things. You know, the type who always have their head in the clouds (and may or may not collect rocks).

At Ahh Voila we're firm believers in positive vibes, staying curious, and embracing an open mind— both in our professional lives and beyond. So we figured, why not ask the universe for our dream projects?

Purpose and passion

Before we dive into our dream project briefs, let's talk about what makes our hearts beat faster. The term we keep circling back to is "purpose-driven." To us, that means working with individuals who are deeply passionate.

Whether it's about societal issues, environmental concerns, or someone who wants to shake up an entire industry (dream big, right?). We're drawn to those who are fervently committed to making a difference. That's our non-negotiable.

We're on a mission to craft brands that the world desperately needs. In a landscape brimming with potential, we're eager to contribute through our branding expertise.

And hey, if your project doesn't match our examples, no worries—we still want to hear from you! There is a wide variety that keeps our curiosity piqued.

Brief 1: A brand with a focus on intuitive eating

We're visualizing a service that's all about intuitive eating with a philosophy of no 'good' or 'bad' foods. Because let's be real... the 'almond moms' and 'heroin chic' mentality that is forced on us is pretty tired, and I think we are all ready to heal.

We love to partner with a visionary brand ready to redefine not just mealtime, but everything we consume and our mental health around it— as a space for personal growth and satisfaction. An experience that isn't just about eating but about celebrating each individual's path to well-being.

If that sounds like you, let's set the table with the intention of healing, one that embraces diversity, mindfulness, and the pleasure of food.

Brief 2: Calling all jewelry makers

Calling all jewelry artisans with a flair for the unique, the edgy, and the outright funky! There's an undeniable charm in jewelry that tells a story, pieces that are as bold and individual as the people wearing them.

We're looking to collaborate with jewelry brands that push the boundaries of design, that marry unconventional materials and techniques with a touch of rebellion. Whether it's through avant-garde shapes, daring textures, or a narrative that challenges the traditional, we're here to amplify your unique voice. If you're crafting pieces that turn heads and start conversations, we're looking for you.

Okay, we know that this space has been growing over the last couple of years, but we think there is still so much potential. We're on the lookout for mood-enhancing drinks designed to carry you through your evening drinks. Something you're proud to display on your shelf, that looks like a piece of art (not just an energy drink you accidentally left out).

If you're crafting the next big sip in social drinking that's all about art, inclusivity, and having a good time, we've got our sights set on you.

Brief 3: NA beverages, that are a work of art

Pets bring a special kind of joy and quirkiness to our lives, don't they? We're on the lookout for a pet brand that's as unique and delightful as our furry, feathery, (or scaly, if that's your thing) companions. A brand that understands pets are part of the family and deserves every bit of creativity and fun we can muster.

We're looking for collaborators who are ready to disrupt the pet industry with products that celebrate the unique bond between pets and their humans. Products that aren't just practical but are conversation pieces, reflecting the joy and silliness that pets bring into our lives. 

If you're in the business of pet products that are just as delightful and unique as the pets themselves, we're searching for you.

Oh, and one more thing...

We've got a collection of mood boards just waiting to be brought to life for the right brand. Our goal is to create brands with depth and durability. Brands that jolt you awake and resonate with you at just the right moment. If that's the journey you're on, let's start a conversation.

Brief 4: Quirky brand for pets (and their weird humans)

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