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DIY brand strategy: should you do it?

By Amberlee Tryon, Founder & Creative Director at Voila

'Can we build our brand strategy in-house?' It's a question that gets us talking because, yes, it's that important.

As the founder of a creative agency, I fully understand the allure. The idea of being quick, cost-effective, and leveraging in-house talent is tempting, isn't it? But let's take a moment to really unpack what crafting a brand strategy means.

Brand Strategy, let's unpack it

Okay, but what exactly is brand strategy? To put it simply; it's what makes you stand out, your reason for being, your why, it's what makes every brand unique. 

As we all know, figuring out what makes your buisness "not like other brands" is no small feat. 

Brand strategy is the process that helps us articulate your visual identity, and what makes it make sense. It's the groundwork that precedes visual aesthetics, providing the language and framework to declare, "This is who we are, this what we do for you, and here's why it matters."

Now, obviously every brand aspires to be authentic (or at least we hope so) but what does that mean for you? Brand strategy isn't just about finding your authentic self; it's about understanding the spectrum of authenticity and pinpointing where you fit within it—it's what sets you apart from the rest. 

By demystifying these elements, brand strategy becomes a powerful tool. It's not just about creating a look or a feel; it's about creating a deep, resonant connection with your people by being unmistakably you. And in doing so, differentiation doesn't just happen — it's inevitable.

The essentials of brand strategy

In all honesty, there is no right way to brand strategy (bias but we're big a fan of ours). We beg you not to seek out 'secret formulas' or one-size-fits-all solutions; because frankly brand strategy is deeply personal and unique to each brand. No two stories are alike, but here are some essentials we live by:

Brand Narrative This is your story, the narrative that sets the stage for everything your brand stands for. It's the who, what, and why of your existence, narrated in a way that connects and resonates.

Brand Beliefs These are the core tenets around which your brand is built. They are the steadfast truths that define your stance and shape your brand's culture and community.

Brand Purpose This answers the existential 'why' of your brand. Why do you exist? What's the bigger picture or the change you're aspiring to make? It's the driving force behind your brand's mission.

Brand Idea Consider this the distilled essence of your strategy, a powerful, memorable phrase that encapsulates your brand's identity and aspirations. It's the rallying cry that inspires and aligns all your creative explorations.

Fresh perspectives can do wonders

Already dipped your toes in strategy? Amazing! We're here to build on that foundation, not tear it down. Your insights and efforts are the starting point for something even more unified. You’re always going to be the experts in your business and we value the work you've done. The more info we have to understand you and what do you, the better.  

Which brings us to our next point...

A set of fresh eyes can spot wonders that familiarity might overlook (sometimes the longer you stare at something, the more warped it gets). As external strategists, we bring new perspectives, uncovering and enhancing the hidden facets of your brand. 

Here's the thing with the budget DIY: value is key, but so is depth. We understand the constraints of time and resources and we'll find that sweet spot where efficiency meets impact, ensuring your strategic journey is both meaningful and manageable. In other words, we will accommodate your needs while still delivering impactful results.

Brand positioning is about distinctly defining where you stand in the market—diving head first into understanding how your audience sees you and ensuring they remember you for all the right reasons. This is tightly interwoven with your overall brand strategy, it's your declaration of difference, your claim in the competitive landscape. It's not just about being different; it's about being the preferred choice. 

What is the difference between brand positioning and brand strategy?

Frankly, you don't need to wait for a formal process to start these insightful conversations about your brand's identity, values, and aspirations. Because approaching your brand strategy is more about discovery than preparation. 

All you need is a basic understanding of who you are and who your audience is. But hey, if you want to dive into audience research, we embrace it! Every bit of knowledge helps us tailor a strategy that truly fits. Take what you already know, what you've already explored, and we'll push it even further. We're here to expand on your insights and explore new possibilities.

So, to wrap it up neatly with a bow—we totally get it why the DIY approach might seem attractive, but we hope we've conviced you that the intricate nature of brand strategy could really benefit from expert guidance (like ours!) 

We're in if your in! Let's start this journey together, armed with curiosity and a commitment to building the best strategy for your brand.

The journey to brand strategy

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